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Hi this page is to express all my hollyoaks feels as well as drawings I will do for fun.




Brendan has a thing for Ste’s mouth

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"I’m scared."

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The time Rae found out about Ste cheating with Brendan

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A little something something for red-shirt-day.

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Simon, being his usual angsty self, calls his brother from another mother to help. And we all know how Brendan feels about this. He is calling to YOU: ITF fan, Stendan Fan, Emmett Scanlan fan; please vote. This is the last fucking day, it closes at midnight EST. 

Timer for voting (change the location if needed): HERE

Vote: HERE

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謝謝xiè xiè!(Thanks!)


We want to say a massive ‘thank you’ to memorieswarm and empathist for all the help you gave us! You two are so awesome and we really can’t thank you enough. We wouldn’t have done the Stendan subtitling so smoothly without your support.
Also, thanks to everyone who has given us their kind words and encouragement! :) xxx

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Anna looked stunning at the BBC Radio One Teen Awards, not to mention the amazing chemistry between her a be Mr Clapham

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Sick of this now. I want Stamy friendship not Stamy hating eachother. Writers stop trying to ruin my brotp don’t try and make me hate Amy. Cos it didnt work the last few times isnt going to now. She is a good character just a victim of bad writing. Stamy forever.

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four years ago today Ste got a taste of Brendan tashe, decided dick was the way forward and never looked back.


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