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Hi this page is to express all my hollyoaks feels as well as drawings I will do for fun.



"you find somebody that you want and no matter how scared you are, you’ve got to have faith that it’s going to work out"

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2 Kieron/Ste articles in All About Soap; credit to @metamesaloud

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Is it so expensive go hire a extra for Ste to kiss ? George isn’t the only single gay guy in chester is he?

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Ste and George’s kiss


Ste and George’s kiss

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"That’ll be a banging party, won’t it?!"

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Patrick Blake’s true colours were finally exposed in Hollyoaks' E4 first look episode on Tuesday evening (July 29) as his wedding day took a dramatic turn.

Viewers have watched a sad storyline unfold over the past year as Patrick (Jeremy Sheffield) has targeted his partner Maxine Minniver with a long campaign of emotional abuse and domestic violence.

Show bosses had kept tight-lipped about exactly what would happen at the couple’s wedding, providing an element of surprise for fans in the latest premiere airing on E4.

In tense scenes, a terrified Maxine went ahead with marrying Patrick after he broke down in tears and promised to change his ways just before the ceremony. However, it wasn’t long before he returned to his controlling behaviour.

When Patrick urged Maxine to eat some wedding cake during their reception at The Dog, she was struck by bad memories of him forcing her to over-eat as a sick ‘punishment’ last week.

Finally realising that Patrick would never change, Maxine attempted to walk out of the pub - but when her abusive husband angrily grabbed her, he sealed his own fate as her dress ripped and revealed her many bruises.

Maxine then found the courage to reveal the devastating truth by telling everyone: “It’s Patrick - Patrick beats me!”

The show’s next episode will pick up with the immediate aftermath of the shock revelation at The Dog.

The official synopsis for the episode reads: “The village is in horror after the revelations in the pub, but who do they believe? Patrick is desperate to regain control - with shocking consequences.”

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What’s the betting he ends up sleeping with Cameron or that Brendan look a like?


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I am a sucker for Ste’s lashes and brows.. His eyelashes are crazily long and his brows are perfect than mine. And I just notice this. Yeah, can I take him home for Christmas? He is beautiful.

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Inside Soap Awards 2014: Voting Open!


Voting has now opened for the 2014 Inside Soap Awards! You can vote for all things Hollyoaks by clicking the link below:

Just a warning though, it states in Inside Soap magazine that multi-voting can be detected by their system. Anyone who is caught multi-voting will have all of their votes disqualified. Don’t waste your time by multi-voting! 

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Hollyoaks' Kieron Richardson: 'Ste threatens to kill Finn'

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